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First note from the Conference Office Posted October 3, 2009

TheConference Executive Committee met this past Monday in Lincoln . Here are some of the highlights of the meeting. The decision about the PVA campus is significant. I wanted you to be aware of it since the word will get out before “official” communication is sent to the constituents and you can know what was decided. There were many actions, but these are the ones you would likely be most interested in:

As you are probably aware, we are having difficulty finding anyone who is able to use the PVA campus. We’ve had several very serious organizations look at the property, but they have all felt there are too many challenges to make it happen. Even with no “cost” for the property, the cost of upkeep, utilities, etc. have been too much to attract anyone. This past Monday we brought the proposal to the Conference Executive Committee to consider removing all the structures and returning the entire campus to farm land. It will add about 40 acres to the farm. When the annual cost of maintaining the empty campus was compared to the bid to put it back to farmable land, it will only take about 2-3 years to pay for it. So, after careful discussion, the Committee voted to move ahead with the proposed removal of the buildings. There are still details to work out, but the plan is to have it done by next spring. I’m not sure which is more painful for alumni, to see the buildings and campus empty, slowly deteriorating or to have the campus gone and the land being put to use. I will be putting a letter out the constituents about this decision, but that will take a few weeks to be done and delivered. Everyone knows we’ve had to make some very difficult decisions about Adventist education in our Conference. I’m sure there will be more rivers to cross in the future that may be equally difficult. Thank you for your continued prayers and support.