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Platte Valley Academy Homecoming 2020
100 Year Celebration Planning in progress

59  days until the next Alumni Weekend
April 24 - 26, 2020

We are expecting a large number of attendees for this 100 year celebration. the location for this special event will be at:

The Leadership Center

 Aurora, Nebraska


We are very excited for the Platte Valley Academy 100 Year Homecoming Celebration that is quickly approaching! There is an exciting weekend of activities planned, and a full schedule of events and meals is attached in. A list of lodging options is also included. The weekend’s events and activities will be held at The Leadership Center in Aurora, NE (www.tlcaurora.org).

Brief Schedule of Events full links below

Chili & Cinnamon Roll Extravaganza Supper



Sabbath Service


Honor Class Picturess



PVA Spirit Wear Sale

2021 PVA Planning Meeting 

Registration Checklist (Now Open!)

1. Reserve Lodging Accommodations at location of your choice
2. RSVP at 402-613-7081 (For meal planning purposes)
3. Complet donation form to help make this special event possible
4. Find any old pieces of nostalgia/yearbooks to share

Lodging Options here

Full schedules of events here

Financials here

PDF document of event here

Map of location here

Donation form can be printed here

Questions can be sent to plattevalley100year@gmail.com




Send Mail to president@plattevalleyalumni.com